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Pet week

After returning from half term holiday it has been another fun and furry week in Me 2 Club as we have been learning even more about pets! We had visits from some big dogs called Molly, Bella and Millie and they really liked all of the strokes and tickles we gave them. We talked about their soft fur and their long wagging tails.  Later in the week we had a very special pet competition and lots of the children made pictures at home to show us their pets or what pet they would like to have.  Some children even brought their pets in to show the class, we met Lilly the rabbit and Pasha the budgie.  Thank you all very much for working so hard on your competition entrees, it was lovely to see all of the pictures in the classroom.  Even with all the excitement there was still lots of activities to keep us busy, we took our dogs for a walk over the soft play obstacle course and then had a try at moving like dogs and making lots of woofing noises! There were lots of fish to catch in the exploration area and the children were very good at counting them and sorting the fish from the frogs and turtles.  We had some messy painting fun decorating our fish with fingerprint scales and our maths table has been very popular as we have been building pet houses and sorting real dog biscuits into the pet bowls.  During PE we learnt a new song and dance all about being a dog, and can now wag our tails and roll over!

My house

This week Me 2 Club have been looking at houses. We have been talking about all of the different features and learnt a lovely song about building a house from the bricks up to the roof!  There has been lots of construction play as we have used wooden blocks in the sand and giant plastic bricks to build homes for some of the toys during our adult lead activities.  The children always enjoy our home corner and this week they have taken turns in using the television remote control and sharing all of the things they like to watch at home.  They have played nicely together, preparing food and helping to tidy and wash up after their role play cooking.  Our creative tables have been bust as the class have been building with play dough and even tried some junk modelling with some very big boxes!  Another adult lead activity was to create a shape house, sticking all of the shapes together to make a house, the children then spoke about who lives in their house and they tried to draw their family members too.  There were other mark making opportunities as they explored the pencil control sheets and white boards to try and draw house shapes too.  We finished the week by cooking some delicious gingerbread houses to take home and share with our family.

Being safe

We have been learning lots about staying safe this week in Me 2Club, we have looked at the signs and people that keeps us safe and stop us from getting hurt. In our imagination area the class had lots of fun pretending to be builders, by looking at the signs they saw they had to wear their hard hats and high visibility jackets to stay safe on the building site!  Or exploration area was filled with Bob the builder toys and even more safety signs to show how to work safely in the sand.  The children liked our creative activities this week, they used the neon paints to make brightly coloured builders vests and used the tools to build with the play dough! Our adult lead activity was to make a stop sign using sticky paper and printing big read hand prints to show us to ‘STOP’!  There was a lot of small world play with the cars and garage too, we talked about how to cross the road safely by ‘Stop, looking and listening’ we even learnt a funny song and dance to help us remember.  Our fire station area had lots of noisy fire engines and the children were very lucky to see a big red fire engine in our school playground too!

We love books

There were so many books in Me 2 Club this week! The children have really loved exploring all of the different books we have had displayed, using props and toys to tell the stories and acting them out using puppets and masks.  We have focused on a few of the children’s favourite stories like ‘The Gruffalo’ and ‘The very hungry caterpillar’.  The class have liked role playing with the soft toy characters and sorting and stacking the fruits and foods from the books.  We looked at a different story every day and the children had lots of creative activities related to these stories, with play dough mats, painting and even cutting and sticking animals from the ‘Dear zoo’ story book.  In our adult lead activities we made our own books, the class looked at the pictures and words in books and then we made our own, they made books about dinosaurs, whales and all sorts of animals!  Another activity was to investigate our ‘Me 2 Library’, the children were excited to find their own special library card and we talked about how to choose a book and then stamp it to say that we wanted to take it home.  For our cooking we made on of the children’s favourite characters into a delicious chocolate cupcake, can you tell who it is?


Spring has sprung in Me 2 Club, the children have had a lovely time this week looking at all of the interesting things Spring brings. We have been talking about how the seasons change and it is getting warmer and how the sun helps new flowers to grow.  For our adult lead activity this week the children planted their very own sunflower seeds to take home and help to grow.  There was lots of digging and planting in our exploration area too as the children used the spades to fill flower pots and the watering cans to give the flowers lots of water- it was very muddy fun!  Our creative area had lots of challenges this week, the children made fluffy Spring lambs, painted beautiful flowers and modelled some play dough chicks and used feathers to decorate them.  One of the trickiest activities was to make our blossom sticks, we looked at the blossom in the playground then used gloopy glue and squashed tissue paper to make or own blossom branches.  The favourite place to play this week was in the imagination area, the children loved the small world fairy garden, moving the fairies around the houses and plant pots as well as counting the butterflies and finding fairies hidden all around the classroom.


For the final week of term the Easter bunny was very busy in Me 2 Club! There were eggs absolutely everywhere! The children searched in shredded paper to find fluffy chicks and sparkly eggs, they used the tweezers to try to pick them up too.   In our imagination area there were even more eggs to sort through, different sizes, colours and some pretty glittery ones as well.  The children were very good at finding and sorting the coloured eggs at our maths table and matching the egg puzzle pieces.  There were lots of role playing opportunities this week as the children hopped around the classroom like the Easter bunny delivering eggs to their friends, they especially liked the bunny ears they made and had lots of fun dancing to the ‘Bunny hops’ song.  We were really pleased to see so many parents at the Easter play session, we hope all of the families enjoyed all of the activities and the special Easter hunt outside!  We have made lots of lovely art work this week, some yellow feathery chicks, some sticky hot cross buns and some beautifully printed Easter eggs.  We finished the week with a special Easter egg hunt in the classroom and found an enormous, golden, glittery egg filled with gingerbread bunnies for snack!